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Klin Eco-Friendly Laundry

At Klin, we are very careful with the respect of the environment. Our focus is to decrease at maximum the use we make of natural resources and highly polluting products.

This is why we are committed to find the most appropriate and efficient production processes, as well as using cleaning products that respect the environment.

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Smartwave Technology Klin

Smartwave technology

All our washing machines use the “Smartwave” technology, which means that every load is weighted to deliver the right amount of water, solvents and electricity, avoiding then any kind of waste.

Our Dry-Cleaning Service

Historically, the most commonly used chemical was the perchloroethylene ("perc"), but the Industry now tends to decrease its use.
Our environmentally friendly dry-cleaning refers primarily to a process that does not involve the use of any known carcinogenic chemicals.

Clothing Donations

As part of our commitment of recycling, we would love to help you donating your clothes to someone in need. All you have to do is to drop off any clothes you want to donate in a laundry bag to our Valet when we come by for a regular Klin pickup or delivery.

Clothes Donation

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CRS Certification

At Klin we are proud about our certifications and especially the RSE award that identifies us as a socially responsible company. We have built our approach with a strong commitment to be part of the change towards a sustainable development ecosystem.

Der Grüne Punkt label

At Klin we are aware of our responsibility regarding our processes and the impact on the environment, so we follow with special dedication all the requirements of Der Grüne Punkt regarding the use and recycling of materials. With the aim of avoiding the waste of raw materials and minimizing the impact on the climate and the natural environment.

High-level advice

We also participate in the Luxembourg EcoInnovation Cluster, an eco-innovation group with the clear objective of developing new capabilities in the field of clean technologies.

Our commitment up to the last stage of the process

Thanks to our collaboration with the Superdreckskëscht, we respect and comply to all the relevant regulations for a proper treatment of waste.

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Our recycling policy

We try to use reusable packaging as far as possible, limiting our metal and plastic waste to a minimum. We are then happy to provide those reusable bags free of charge, however we expect our customers to return them upon their next order.

Customers and partners

Customers and partners

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