Dry cleaning and Laundry at home
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Laundry at home

Now Dry-Cleaning and Laundry in Luxemburg is easier. You just need to sign up and we will take care of everything! From picking up your garments to delivering it to your door.
We adapt to your schedule, you tell us when and where and a driver of our company will swing by your place.
We are experts in what we do, which is why after leaving your items in our care, we will sort, count and tag all your clothes, thus ensuring the adequate treatment for each garment.

Klin laundry at home
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Quality Delivery Service

A professional Klin driver will swing by with your custom laundry bags to collect your items to the the place, date and time you have decided. All with the full assurance that your clothing will be properly identified and protected. Your credit card will be debited after delivery or you can choose to pay at the door.

Next day delivery is definitely available!
Try our express service

We offer 24-hour turnaround for an additional Rush Service fee of €10.00. You be can sure to receive your order back the next day by submitting a request to our Valet or emailing to order@klin.lu. And of course, we will assure the same quality.

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Experience is our guarantee
Our company has an Operations Manager with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and we apply this knowledge daily to give your garments the best possible care.


Not only do we put all our dedication, but we also work with the best products and machinery. Our latest generation machines, combined with a select number of quality washing products, ensure that the fabrics of your garments are affected as little as possible.


We take care of any type of garment, from the daily to the most delicate items, guaranteeing the care and individual treatment of each one of them.

The best home laundry service in Luxembourg
Free delivery service  for orders over €25



  • You will receive a 15-minute SMS reminder before the estimated time of arrival of your Klin Valet at your door.
  • Your Valet will arrive within the scheduled hour.
  • Your Valet will provide you with two different color-coded Klin bags:
  • Green: Dry Clean/Launder & Press
  • White: Daily Wash
  • If possible, prepare and sort your clothes and other items that will need cleaning accordingly.
  • Your Valet will explain in detail what can go in each bag and the various options you have for the delivery of your items.
  • Your Valet will also go over our delivery schedule with you, including our optional Rush Services.
  • If you need your clothes returned quicker, 24-hour Rush is available for a €10.00 surcharge.
  • If you have any special instructions regarding your clothes and other items (e.g. stains), please leave a comment in the comment box or inform your Valet.


  • After pickup, we dispatch your items to our facility in Foetz.
  • Once we have processed your bag, you will receive a detailed email including a list of the items you put in our care.
  • For your protection and overall tranquility, we have multiple levels of inspection and control to ensure quality at all times.


  • You will receive a reminder text 15 minutes before your Valet arrives.

Quality Guarantee

We will do whatever it takes to make it all work out!
We are confident that your items will receive the best possible quality of cleaning.
If you find a stain that has slipped through the cracks, or your garment does not meet your quality standards, you have the right to be provided with a re-cleaning.
You just have to send an email to moien@klin.lu

Customers and partners

Customers and partners

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