Employees and Ordinary People a Breathing Healthy Environment

Employees and Ordinary People Breathing a Healthy Environment

The environment for the employees is important so they can have the motivation to work. Normally the company should provide a decent environment. Therefore we shall take into consideration the use of more ecological products in order to preserve the right parameters so people can work with fewer risks. 

In the context of a cleaning company, there are a lot of risks that one can assume. Those risks can be easily avoided taking into consideration the advanced methods that can be used as a cleaning alternative.

In this case, the workers are exposed to a variety of different kinds of chemical substances that could be found in disinfectants, polish or acids, etc., even in products that can be inhaled during cleaning.

Consequences are numerous, especially when it comes to the air being affected if products are being over-used, used without adequate ventilation, or sprayed onto hot surfaces; and even the skin can be affected in a wet atmosphere. This can have an effect on respiratory disorders such as asthma.

There are some efforts done to improve the production of cleaning substances, but still, those products were done towards the requirements of the consumers.



In the end, there are also ways to avoid this and even to clean clever. That’s why we thought to share with you some methods that would improve the cleaning quality health towards the work environment or your own home.

One of them would be using only environmentally respectful products, which by time will eventually become the go-to products, so it will become increasingly easy for the consumers to buy them.

If you don’t want to spend money on the bio cleaning products then you should use the old cleaning methods which people used back in the days before sophisticated products. According to an article published on Guardian about cleaning tips in the old-fashioned way, we can include baking soda, olive oil, plant oil, salt or lemons which could be used as cleaning products. Becoming careful with the environment is a step forward to a more clean and healthier environment that can provide a long life ahead for you. The most used products in the house are also bio cheap cleaning products for those who are interested in or like to be environmentally friendly.

The baking soda could be used with vinegar in water to clean the bathroom and kitchen. Aromatic oil can be used as an air freshener and the laundry soap can be replaced with sodium borate or table salt (leave it to soak and then wash off with warm water). For the carpets, if you accidentally drop something that could leave a stain just use vinegar with water, and apply directly on it, let it sink between 5 and 10 minutes depending on the stain and then clean it with a brush or sponge soaked in warm soapy water. If you want better results, use a plant-based soap.

So this is it! We hope those tips will help you to improve your way to behave with the environment and also to keep your health in good parameters.


Stay healthy and smart with the environment!