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Klin introduces the first on-demand laundry and dry-cleaning service in Luxembourg. Understanding the value of our customers’ time is what constitutes OUR philosophy. We wish to provide a service that allows you to focus on the precious moments in life. That’s why you can order online at any given moment and schedule a pick-up and delivery for your garments at home.


Choose address and time for pickup and delivery online or via our mobile app. You can call us at +352 26 37 88 98.


A professional Klin valet will swing by with custom laundry and garment bags to collect your items - so your clothes are protected in style.


We count and sort your clothes before washing them with professional and ecological care in our facility in Luxembourg.


We deliver your items back to your door at the time of your choice. Your credit card will be debited after delivery.


All our pricing includes pickup and delivery at home as well as the ecological care of your clothes. We have set a minimum order of 25€ to make the delivery free of charge (a €5 delivery fee will be charged for orders under €25). For any other request, just ask us!


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9.00 €


18.10 €


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20.40 €

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Zone 1

Kirchberg, Weimershof, Kiem, Cents, Hamm, Clausen, Neudorf, Limpertsberg, Centre-Ville

Zone 2

Bridel, Millenbach, Eich, Weimerskirch, Dommeldange, Beggen, Walferdange, Helmsange, Bereldange, Steinsel, Mullendorf, Heisdorf, Rollingergrund, Kopstal

Zone 3

Cessange, Gasperich, Rollingergrund, Merl, Belair, Leudelange, Schlewenhof, Mamer, Bertrange, Strassen

Zone 4

Hollerich, Gare, Bonnevoie, Polfermillen, Howald, Hesperange, Itzeg, Alzingen, Fentange, Kockelscheuer

Zone 5

Hostert, Niederanven, Rameldange, Waldhof, Ernster, Oberanven, Senningerberg, Senningen, Findel

Zone 6

Contern, Sandweiler, Oetrange, Schrassig, Moutfort

Zone 7


Zone 8

Abweiler, Bettembourg, Noertzange, Fennange, Huncherange

Zone 9

Foetz, Mondercange, Pontpierre, Wickrange, Berchem

Zone 10

Schifflange, Esch-sur-Alzette

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So, what's your post code ?

Unfortunately your Zip code is not in our delivery range yet

Testimonial Mike Koedinger

Your services are great and i really love your business idea. This can become really big. Good luck.

Mike Koedinger

Testimonial Apoteca Luxembourg

Friendly service and good initiative, we’ll definitely reorder more

Apoteca Luxembourg

Testimonial Meerpohl

Better than any other laundry cleaning service in Luxembourg. So fast and such a good price / quality ! Pick up and delivery wherever and whenever you want !


Testimonial Michèle Wehrer

Top service, easy internet access, superfriendly delivery, just use it it will make your life easier…

Michèle Wehrer

Testimonial Mandy Beck

I had the chance to try Klin this week. It worked out perfectly well, the service provided is just excellent, very convenient and the people really amazing. I would definitely recommend !!

Mandy Beck

Testimonial Eric Mangen

Top notch service !!! Great effort to satisfy client needs ! Can only recommend it

Eric Mangen

Testimonial Caro Ptrs

Great services ! Very careful with special fabrics and always on time. Cannot recommend enough !

Caro Ptrs

Testimonial Matti Kraama

Really happy with them ! Service was super and the best part is that it was also with good English. I highly recommend !

Matti Kraama

testimonial natalie A. Gerhardstein

Great quality of service and fastest turnaround. I only have used them once so far but i am already a loyal customer – they are definitely filling what was a gap in the market here ! Will definitely use again.

Natalie A. Gerhardstein

testimonial valentina favaro

Without a doubt the best cleaning service in Luxemburg: very professional, very convenient and easy to set up the pick-up and drop-off, outstanding customer service, much better cleaning service results than other providers and generally returned within 48h, no use of plastics, eco-friendly products. I HIGHLY recommend it !

Valentina Favaro

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