Lemon – Another way to use it


Another way to use it

Have you ever really thought about how you can still use a fruit like lemon?

Well, it has a lot of benefits from health to its cleaning capacities.

In this way, we would like to share some tricks in which you can use lemon without any risks.

If you are fed up with the classic bleach you normally use to clean up your clothes then think that you can instead use lemon as natural bleach. The first advantage will be the fragrance. Using lemon juice for the clothes is also a better option for saving colors which means that your fears about the “greying” won’t be a problem anymore. What you have to do is just to add one cup of lemon juice with your detergent when you wash your clothes.

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Another way is to create your own bleach from lemon.


  • 10 drops of lemon essential oil,
  • 1 cup of peroxide
  • 1 cup of water


Mix all together in a glass spray bottle and spritz on the stain.

Do you have a cloth that you would like to wear again and you can’t anymore just because of a stain that seems to be impossible to take off?

If you don’t have time to wash it in your washing machine or if it doesn’t work, then boil some water and wet the stain with lemon juice. Hold it over the steam for a few minutes, only pay attention not to get burned, and rinse it! Et voila, ready to be wear!

Well, this is all for today! We’ll keep you up with other interesting tips and tricks.