Green-Tech in Luxembourg

Did you know that 200 eco-businesses operate in Luxembourg? One of the new players is Klin. Klin is your kind service provider for fresh and neat clothes with an ecologic and digital spirit. Our team supports Luxembourg in striving for a world with minimal pollution and waste. We work together with the renewable energy and ecologic industry for a better and sustainable future for our children and us.


Unfortunately, the future is not here yet. The dry-cleaning and laundry-industry is still very dirty and cannot catch up with our modern and sophisticated pollution prevention systems. That’s why, at Klin, we use the newest and smartest washing machines with the IPO software from Smart Wave. Our precision-engineered devices allow us to deliver your clothes with the best washing quality. Our expertise reduces the energy consumption and eco-friendly detergents by 35%, and our start-up utilizes 25% less of Luxembourg’s precious water. We know what your fashionable clothes need up to the detail of how much water the textile absorbs. Others just cook and drown it as so many decades ago;  we are committed to precision and technology.


And we don´t make your laundry just perfectly wet. We dry it also much faster with Smart Waves’ and IPO`S most efficient and fastest dry-cleaners. Never was a fresh breeze so refreshing.

We are passionate about Green-Technology and deeply concerned about our nature.

What about you? Do you believe Green-Tech will shape the future of laundry?

Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us. We pick up your clothes and bring them back in its best shape. Our trained service personnel and our digital pipeline will love to create an unmatched experience to your convenience.

Your Klin team