How to be efficient in ironing, and avoid ironing mistakes?

Clothes must be perfect to feel comfortable in job interviews or important meetings. But ironing by hand is not easy if one is not used to. Our professional team gives some helpful tips to you to avoid ironing nightmares:

1) Do not leave your garment in the dryer for too long. Otherwise, you get incredibly wrinkled clothes.
2) Keep your soleplate clean. Soleplate can get dirty and the holes get blocked. That may affect the heating performance. You can use one tablespoon water and two tablespoon baking soda to clean steam holes.
3) Avoid high temperature, or do you want to burn yourself? The average iron temperature should be between 135° to 300°. Higher temperatures are not necessary in most cases. Check the label of your garment :).
4) Control the speed of the washing machine. The speed must not exceed 1000 rounds per minute to get cleaner clothes with fewer wrinkles.

But why bother at all? You can also spend more time with your family and friends. Use a direct laundry service such as We pick up, clean, and deliver your clothes on-demand within 48hours. Just contact us and let us do the ironing. We love it!

Your Klin team