How to clean your washing machine?

Are you aware you make some mistakes every time you use your washing machine? To keep your garment fresh, clean and without unnecessary damage after washing, here are some helpful tips to avoid those common mistakes:

1- Remove the pump filter after washing

You should absolutely avoid getting a clog of lint in the pump filter of your machine as it can trigger a fire hazard. It’s then really important to clean the filter once a month. You can use a toothbrush and some detergent to scrub it, and then just let it dry. Cleaning the pump filter regularly will avoid you more serious damages.


2- Clean washer surface

Maintain your washer clean is important. If your washer keeps dirty, it cannot get your clothes clean. Keeping your washer safe prevents mildew from taking place around the rubber gasket and keeps high the performance of your machine. Use a towel with hot soapy water to clean the rubber gasket, and make sure to wipe underneath and around it as well.


3- Clean the washer drum

Keeping your machine drum clean will prevent the development of mold. That one is generally due to some moisture and detergent residue accumulating around the tube cycle. Use one cup of bleach with one cup of baking soda, and one-half cup of powdered dishwasher detergent to wipe out this mold.


4- Do not leave the washer door closed

You should leave the washer door opened after every use to allow the tube to dry. It prevents liquid detergents from leaving residuals after washing, and that will keep your clothes smelling fresh.

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