How to wash pillows and make them white again

When your pillows get flat and look gross instead of throwing them, wash them to see if they can look as good as new.


As most people sweat while sleeping, you have probably noticed your pillow turning yellow just like the underarm of your shirts. In order to get back your bed pillows clean and white, try the following tips:

  1. Always check the care instructions on your pillow before washing it. Actually the care instruction should always be followed if available. It explains how you should wash your pillows, meaning by hand or by machine. Make sure to remove the pillowcases and covers before starting the wash.
  2. Check if your pillow needs some alterations. Make sure to fix every potential tear before washing it.
  3. To keep the drum of your washing machine balanced, it is better to wash 2 pillows at the same time. If you really need to wash only one pillow, then add a towel to keep it balanced. Finally, compress your pillow as much as possible to remove air from it.
  4. Wash your pillows in hot water with a soft but full cycle. It’s recommended to run an extra rinse cycle to be sure all the detergent has disappeared, and an extra spin cycle to remove as much water as possible before drying.

Washing your pillows is an important aspect of your health and well-being. On average, you spend eight hours a day with your face on a pillow – meaning your pillow is a key player in 1/3 of your life… that’s why at klin we think it is important to keep it safe. Of course, if you do not have time to take care of it, klin is only one click away.


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