Klin 2.0

Dear klin-ers,

You probably have noticed it but let us have the pleasure to introduce our new website, the so called 2.0, to you. In this new version, we have substantially changed the process of signing up in order to ease it. In other words, you now only need to indicate your zip code to confirm your eligibility to the service. Once confirmed, you will then have to fill it in the other information.

In terms of design, we also have reviewed the order process and slightly amended some other aspects by adding pictos and new options to improve the user experience.

Of course, everything has been replicated onto our corporate website too (https://business.klin.lu) and presumes some coming new tools we will offer you soon.

This is just the beginning, and nobody is perfect, so we remain open to every great ideas 😊 For doing so, just drop us a message at moien@klin.lu.

Thanks, and have a wonderful week-end!

Your klin team